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Demi - Delighted Mother

Having family photos taken was a really special time for me and I wanted them to be perfect.

My husband George and I are so pleased that we chose Lesley O'Donnell as our family photographer as she was able to bring out the best in our family. She chose a great location and we enjoyed a memorable and fun family time with her.

I thought it would be so difficult to have three children under five behave and be settled. However, Lesley has a way about her that allowed them to individually reveal the best they have to offer. I absolutely love the photos as they brought out the beauty of what I was hoping to achieve.

I have recommended Lesley and will always recommend her to anyone who would love to have treasured moments captured to enjoy over a lifetime.

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Dianna and Sam - New Parents

Our experience with Lesley was wonderful. Lesley has an excellent eye for detail and managed to capture our pregnancy and newborn baby photos beautifully. And she even made it fun!

We will employ Lesley for future family shots and highly recommend her services.

Dr Genevieve - Legal Consultant

I have a small consultancy business in health legislation and policy development in developing countries. I need to think about how I promote my business and myself as its principal. I have worked several times with Lesley on business portraits for use in all sorts of platforms such as social media, Linkedin, conference materials etc. 

When I am having photographs taken, I want a minimum of fuss. Of course I want the photographs to be flattering, but I still want to look like me. 

 I love working with Lesley. I feel really comfortable with her and I am always happy with the result.


Elissa - Returning for More

I initially engaged Lesley to take photos of my daughter when she was 6 months old and it was such a fabulous experience and the photos were just wonderful. 

Lesley didn't cull any photos so I could choose the photos that were special to me, not just the photos that made her work look good. 

I ended up using Lesley to photograph all my FOUR children as toddlers and EVERYBODY that sees the photos, even nearly 10 years later, comments that "you can see their personalities in the photos"! And it's true! Lesley has an uncanny knack of capturing, not just the look, but the personality of people in her photos. 

We recently engaged Lesley again, after nearly 10 years, and I have to say there is something very special about having "proper photographs" of my family - and to date, the ONLY photos with all 6 people and 2 pets in it!! 

I know people always plan to do something with their digital photographs, and never do. Lesley captures precious moments of stillness in never ending hectic lives where we rarely pause as a family.

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Hilda - Proud Mother

Thank you for our lovely family photos. They have surpassed our expectations and we will hang them proudly in our family home!!! 

Both Mum, Dad and I want to pass on our heart felt gratitude for Mum’s “gift” which she proudly and delicately packed between two books on the eve of her trip overseas. Thank you so much Lesley for adding to the ambience of Mum’s trip by providing her with the family portrait of her nearest and dearest to be close to her every step of the way!  

My brothers and I (and our families) will be forever grateful for your gracious manner and professionalism. It was a wonderful journey shared by all!

Susie - Yoga Instructor

Having never been very comfortable in front of a camera it was with trepidation that I asked Lesley to take some photos for my website. 

Lesley suggested "early morning" because the light is usually soft and flattering. I'm an early morning person so that wasn't a problem, but having puffy eyes could possibly be! I applied a light layer of foundation (which I don't wear normally), some extra mascara and the usual lipstick. It was a beautiful morning and we met in a park, providing a green and luscious background. 

The resulting photos are fabulous and I am so surprised that I actually look great. At 58 there is much to worry about, but I am so pleased that Lesley made the effort to make me feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. 

Anytime is a good time to record your image, but for women there are definitely some key years. I think now is as good a time as any, with or without family, pets or partners. 

For me, with my family grown, I now have more free time to do a few things just for me and getting some classy images was on my "To Do" list. 

Most importantly the photos exceeded my expectations.