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Lesley O'Donnell - Saturday, October 10, 2015



You have BRAINS in your HEAD 

You have FEET in your SHOES

You can STEER YOURSELF any direction YOU CHOOSE

Oh the Places You Will Go - Dr Seuss

When you are in your twenties the whole world is literally at your feet. Adventure, travel and the time to declare yourself as an independent adult. It is the time when you can finally make all your own decisions and choose your own direction in life. It is such an exciting decade.


However, for families it can also mean the end of all living together under one roof and a time when parents must let their children go and begin their own individual life journeys.


Having young adult children is also a significant time to have a family portrait taken.

This is what Rhonda and Greg decided as their daughter Emily heads off on a scholarship to study overseas and their son Sam searches the world for an opening where he can use his academic qualifications.


I have photographed this family several times in the past when Sam and Emily were younger and it was such a pleasure to meet them again as young adults. They must have been easy kids to live with because Greg and Rhonda still look as youthful as when I met them more than 20 years ago and don’t seem to have changed at all!

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