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Carefree Cousins

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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What a joy it was to photograph the active young members of these two families.

With ample space to run with abandon, races to ride on their bikes, horses to jump and care for, trees to climb, dogs and cats to cuddle, balls to kick or throw back and forth, nooks and crannies to explore, huts to be built, jokes and quieter moments to share with each other, these kids had so much fun while I was taking their photos. This is what weekends spent at their country property regularly bring to these city cousins.

Playing imaginatively outside until sundown falls or mealtimes beckon brought freedom, fun and squeals of abandoned laughter (and possibly the odd conflict). Observing the carefree abandonment of these kids as they played took me right back to my own childhood and the fabulous memories of times shared with my own cousins.

Photographing these seven young characters in their own adventure playground was such a hoot and I loved every moment I was with them.

The company of close cousins is a bond to treasure and one that stays with you throughout your whole life. 

If your kids have this kind of connection with the children of your brothers and sisters, you just might want to engage me to capture the magic in your family. They will love you for it when they are all grown up.

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