Celebrating life and relationships

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Lesley O'Donnell


Photographing others brings me so much joy. 

I feel so lucky to spend each day in such a fun and rewarding way. 

My passion is photographing relationships ~ the connection you have with yourself or with others ~ be they partners, children, family, friends, colleagues or your pets.

27 amazing years ago I launched Personal Impressions Photography studio in Richmond, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. 

Embarking on my business was the result of a personal development course challenge and until I announced it to my fellow students I hadn’t even realised it was a path I wanted to follow. The revelation was HUGE and I am so glad I discovered this is what I wanted to do as I just LOVE it!

My original business focused on photographing women. In those early years my clients were often pregnant or mothers of new babies and young families. Now they are just as likely to be Baby Boomers or Gen Xer's celebrating their personal achievements or teenage, adult or extended families.

I have captured on film (as it was in those days) the birth of seven little souls entering the world. I felt so honoured to be asked and trusted to record such intimate and important occasions for my clients. For me personally these were life changing events that made me appreciate the miracle that we all are.

Another incredibly special experience was a trip to Ethiopia when some very dear clients adopted their children. It was their “birth moment” and an absolute privilege for me to be there when they met their children for the first time.

The most satisfying reward for me over the years has been the relationships I have formed with many of my clients as I have periodically photographed them as their families have grown and changed. I feel proud to have left my clients with such valuable, tangible records of their ever changing lives.

I would love to photograph you and your story too, so why not take it off your "things to do in the future" list and book a session to celebrate yourself today.